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I played with one in a store today.

Having it set to anything except all the way 2D caused me some serious discomfort that lingered for a few minutes afterwards. And with the graphics set to 2D, all I saw were roughly PSP-quality graphics. I can't say it's worth remotely close to $249 for me.

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I agree; the price-point seems a bit too much, and as has been said: especially when you include the cost of games. And I can imagine that any extended exposure to its 3D will cause everyone at least some discomfort. Oh, and how much does an iPod touch cost again? ;P
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That's what I felt first when I played it in the store as well but once you own one and see what depth level you're comfortable with you'll get it used to focusing different on 3D screens and you'll eventually graduate to the highest depth setting without too much discomfort.
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I feel bad for the people who have discomfort with the 3D on. I played mine for two hours yesterday with almost max 3d and had no pain at all. It's a really great device for me at least...
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I had the same experience but once I switched from 3d to 2d back to 3d my eyes got situated with it nicely. I think there would be a big issue if they did not add in the slider.
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i've been playing lego star wars III on the 3ds lately, so fun and the depth is GREAT
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in an article i read, nintendo's testers said you get used to it after a while. i believe this too, because when i first tried my 3ds on launch day, i would have to turn off the 3d after a short time. now i have it on max for hours with no problem whatsoever.
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