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I removed Flash from my system's plugin folder:

It's pretty astounding how much it has improved performance in Safari and Firefox. Both of these browsers now rarely exhibit the dreaded spinning beach ball of death. They are actually fairly usable. As an added bonus, a lot of annoying flash content, such as advertising, isn't even displayed. It's pretty nifty.

I do slightly cheat by falling back to Google Chrome if I need to use Flash (since it has it built in). But once I'm done, I simply close Chrome and the resources previously devoted to Flash get freed up. I've been doing this for about a week now, and it's gone well. I'll admit it is annoying to have to remember to switch browsers if I want to watch a video, but for my personal use, it's a minor drawback that I'm willing to deal with.

More info via Gruber: daringfireball.net­/2010­/11­/flash­_free­_and­_cheating...

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Although I hate Flash, I think I would just get fed up with switching browsers every time I needed/wanted to watch a video. I have noticed however, that many of the YouTube videos I've been watching are now HTML5 instead of Flash which just makes me a happy man.
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I still leave flash installed but I installed FlashBlock in Firefox and it's just the same. I can still view flash content without switching browsers by just clicking the flash logo blocking where the content is.
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Yeah, I was using those as well. In my case, both Firefox and Safari use the same plugin on my Mac. FlashBlock and ClicktoFlash (Safari) worked pretty well, but if I used other browsers or applications that used Webkit, Flash would still load (Fluid, Propane, NetNewsWire).

That said, it's definitely annoying and kludgy to have to switch browsers depending on what content I want to view. Doesn't seem to happen too often (fortunately YouTube lets me view HTML5 video) though.
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