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I think it's complete madness that it is easier to install Froyo on my iPhone than it is to even get Froyo on a real Android device.

The fact that some devices newer than the iPhone 3G still don't have Android 2.2 is just strange.

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What else is stuck on 1.x?

- Motorola Blur devices stuck on 1.5 are slowly going to 2.1, after which they'll be stuck there.
- The G1 is on 1.6 because of memory limitations.
- ?
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- Sony Xperia X8 is currently on 1.6 (shipped Sept 2010) but supposed to have Android 2.2 by the end of the year.

- Samsung Behold II (got 1.6 earlier this year, sounds like it might be stuck there).

Good link on a ton of other devices currently running 1.6:
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G1 can be on 2.2 I've seen it myself. Backflip is on 2.1 but can't be updated to 2.2.
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Eh, I don't think that's entirely fair argument though. Froyo on your iPhone 3G is probably not completely usable due to its instability, potentially missing features (due to lack of hardware buttons on the iPhone itself).

But that said, carriers' inability to upgrade their phones to the latest version of Android is fairly frustrating.
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It's taking a while to learn the button layout (back is the sleep/wake button, home is the volume down, home is actually menu) but it isn't as laggy as I initially expected it to be.
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you can root most of your android phones and then you can put any version of android on it that you want. Where is the difference? If you want to be sure that it works you have to wait for the manufacturer...
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