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February 1st 2014 11:23 pm

i want to buy moto G

i want to buy moto G but i hear that moto G is facing wrost call Quality problems is this true ?????

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IT IS AMAZING". I would rate it the best under 30K. It is comparable to some of the high end phones we have in the market. If your budget is 25-30 K, go spend that additional 11K on a decent camera as that is the only thing not so good about Moto G.

Things you will like:
- Nexus like experience @ such less price
- Very nice to hold
- Seamless Android operation
- I use an S4 and I was surprised how fast you can zoom into the maps!
- 50 GB Cloud storage (quite nice!)
- Transferring contacts, media, files, applications from your old android phone to the new one with such ease!
- Good call quality
- Sharp display (sharper than 5s)
- Some real cool features: Moto ID that enables you to lock your phone, trace the location and delete contents remotely if your phone gets stolen; and Assist feature to ensure noone disturbs you when your sleeping and when you have an scheduled meeting (Smart!)

Things you may not like:
- Doesn't 'look' like a high end phone (but then its a 14K phone!)
- Kitkat not available yet
- Limited storage may be a problem for some. For wifey 12+GBs is more than sufficient
- Camera is quite disappointing. You really wouldn't want to use it much unless you are left with no other option.

I can't say much about battery backup as it has been less than a day since I received it.

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