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June 10th 2014 4:54 pm

I want to play PilotWings 64 while I commute!

I used to really enjoy playing Nintendo’s PilotWings 64, back in the day!   Flying the Rocket Belt around, exploring and looking for those gold stars.   Shooting Mario out of the cannon, and making the face on the mountain change into Wario!   Cool stuff!   I wish it were available for me to play now, on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, running Android 4.3.   I tried playing it using an emulator, but the gameplay was awful!   The sound was horrible, all scratchy and stuttery.   The backgrounds start out nice, but then square sections start duplicating themselves.   Then, most of the lower half of the screen is duplicated, so that it is hard to find the landing zone!   I’m hoping that  NVIDIA would adapt PilotWings 64 for the NVIDIA SHIELD.   Now, that would really be awesome! 

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What's wrong with playing Pilotwings Resort on a 3DS?

(And also, we could really use a new Pilotwings game for the Wii U as well.)
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PilotWings was such an awesome game! I have so many ridiculously fond memories of that game.

I'd imagine that it's possible to find some sort of PilotWings ROM amongst the seedy underworld of the Internet, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it!
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