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I was having the issue with the power shutting off every time I closed it, but I learned to just close it very gingerly and that seemed to solve the problem.

Now, the other day, I dropped it and in the process got it a little bit wet (it wasn't submerged in water or anything, but a tiny bit of water got behind the back plate). I opened it up and took the battery out and set it out to dry overnight. The next day I was able to get it to turn on, but it wasn't making or receiving calls/texts or connecting to the internet. Then I let it power down and plugged it in to recharge, but it won't take the charge. The battery icon comes up on the screen, but no matter how long I leave it plugged in, I can't get it to power up and turn on.

Am I screwed?

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It depends. Obviously water and electronics don't get along very well but the problem could have more to do with the drop than the water. I would take the back cover off and stick the phone in some rice for a day or two and then try again.

Do you have a touchstone back? Could you try charging it inductively to see what happens?
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I have no idea what touchstone back or inductive charging means... It's hangin out in a bowl of rice as we speak though :)
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Haha, I didn't realize how much tech-speak I used at the end there.

Here is some info on the Touchstone back and wireless charging:
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