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I was looking all over the place for codecs to view raw images for my GF1 on Windows 7 and hit a ceiling because the codec that Panasonic currently has out is…

not compatible with 64-bit OSs.

Microsoft has a listing of codecs here:


Since Panasonic didn't have a codec working for 64-bit systems, I had to do this third party style and didn't have Photoshop installed, which most likely would have the codecs necessary to view these. I'm probably going to purchase that sometime soon.

I searched around a bit and found this codec pack:


I read a few forum threads to check out the legitimacy of this and it checked out, so I went ahead and paid the $10 (it used to be donateware, but they weren't getting enough altruistic people paying) and can confirm that it works, at least for Canon's CRW and RW2 file formats, which are viewable in explorer and Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Photo Viewer. It doesn't look like it fully works with Windows Media Center though, thumbnails show, but selecting the photo gives you the it cannot be displayed message.

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? AFAIK you can use 32-bit codecs on 64-bit hardware as long as the software client making use of the codec is 32-bit also. If the latter is the case, try the 32-bit codec, it should work.
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The installer refused to install. To my knowledge there's no way to force it to install on 64-bit Windows.
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Well ... I re-read your OP and given what I said previously *and* that you're trying to view the files in Explorer, you'll definitely need a 64-bit codec/filter since Explorer (the Windows shell) is 64-bit on x64 Windows versions.
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Here is a double great solution: FastPicgtureViewer ( www.fastpictureviewer.com/ ).

It has not only a great Windows 64 codec viewer, but it makes reading all photo much, much faster!

The sell some of the products, but the freeware works just great (so well, I'm tempted to pay for some of their other products.)
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