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I was lucky enough to play with the 3DS in London last week, and I was blown away. The games that impressed me most were Zelda, and SSFIV3D.

With SSFIV3D, I was playing at a booth, and someone a little next to me played with SSFIV3D in their booth. We connected so seemlessly, we didn't realise, and before we knew it, were were locked in a battle. I was in Dynamic viewpoint (slightly behind the character), and he played in classic mode (side-by-side) and it was just so smooth on both ends. Amazing!

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As a recovering Street Fighter addict, this is music to my ears. :)
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What did you think of the 3D? Does it seem like a novelty or does it add anything to the gameplay?
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I've heard and read enough hands-on about the 3D that it sounds to me like a total novelty. One person described having to constantly adjust the setting as the scene changed in a game because the effect is not consistent. Maybe some devs will get a better handle on it as they work with it more.

Personally, I'd like to be able to buy a DS-3... which would be a 3DS without the 3D screen. That would reduce the cost some. Right now, the only platform specific game I plan on buying for a while is Street Fighter IV, and I plan to turn off the 3D and leave it off. What interests me much more about the system is the proper online multiplayer and the better processing, which allows better games such as an excellent port of Street Fighter IV. Other than that one game, I really doubt I'll play much else on it besides the Zelda and Mario Kart titles, as well as the DS games I already have.

I'll place my bets on novelty, but that won't stop me from having Street Fighter IV multiplayer in my pocket everywhere i go. =)
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from what I am hearing it is irritating to walk and play with 3d on, but why do that anyway? I would likely get sick if I was playing and walking and in 3d!

The 3d however is supposed to be awesome! People nearly seem to downplay it! Kinda weird!

Also, I am excited and think it will do well, the tech is awesome and lots are giving it credit even though at times it gets downplayed. The AR sounds amazing and just fun! I can't wait, getting one launch day
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