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i wonder if the iPad HDMI cable will work with the iPhone 4

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Yes it's compatible but the mirror function only works on ipad2. So with other idevices you only get video and audio and only on select sources like iPod app not hulu
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According to Engadget, it does!

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yeah shortly after, i just went to the product page and found out it did
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It is confirmed. It is supported by ipad, ipad2, iphone4, ipod touch4.
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It does but from what it looked like, it has black bars on the sides and possibly on the top and bottom depending on its orientation.

iPad HDMI dongle = $39 VS Apple TV = $99 , get an apple tv and use airplay. nooo dont do that... lots of money.

Buy cheap component cables for iPhone (bit.ly­/g015a5) and jailbreak for display out functionality.
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