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I wonder, since there's WiFi and (optional) 3G if Trophies will hit this. I mean, there's achevements for Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7, so why not?

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Oh yea, there's no way they wouldn't add them. People have been clamoring for trophies on PSP for years but they couldn't do them there because the platform was so insecure and people would hack it and make it worthless.
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Not to mention, if the picture of the NGP on this and most other websites is any indication, they already have. the icon on the bottom row in the middle says "Trophies" with a big trophy picture.
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Trophies are all over it. You can force a sync to it or it seems to do they quietly in the background. They also make it very easy to see what your friends are doing in games that you own on the "Game Card" from where you launch the game.
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