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May 2nd 2013 12:18 pm

I wrote the Engadget Google Glass review, ask me anything!

Hey folks, Glass has a long way to go until it's a consumer product, but it's out in the wild and it's hugely exciting. Got questions? Hit me!


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I'll preface my question with the following: I think Glass and wearable tech are interesting thought exercises and their practical application something that is soon to be a real thing.

But why should a non-tech enthusiast care?
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They shouldn't, at least not yet. It's too early to really need to track this closely. But, privacy advocates will want to at least stay tuned to see how things develop.
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Are you going to keep wearing Glass and are you planning on getting the retail version? Also, have any guesses on how the final product will be different from the developer edition?

I think I read that $1,500 isn't going to be the retail price, but in its current form, I'm not sure I'd be willing to shell out even $500 for something like this, unless I could be the first person on http://asianmenwearinggoogleglass.tumblr.com¹.

Thanks and great review!

1. http://whitemenwearinggoogleglass.tumblr.com/post/...
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Yes, i'll keep wearing them for awhile now. I'm going to keep contributing entries to the site and my impressions.

Final product will surely be more streamlined, better battery life, better display -- the usual stuff. I'm guessing price will be much closer to $500 for the full retail release sometime in the next year or two. The hardware is not that complex, really. They just need volume.
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I understand that with Glass it's less in your line of vision but more of a glance up to see whatever information is presented. Do you see this becoming a big distraction for people driving or even for people walking?
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For me it's less distracting getting nav through this than through a phone on the dashboard. It pops on when you have a turn coming up and then then turns off again. It's definitely better than looking down at your phone all the time.
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How disorienting is it to try and focus on both your walking and Google Glass? As someone who often gets motion sick via movement simulators, I'm worried this might be a problem with Glass for me in particular.
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For me it's no problem. Rarely am I looking at Glass for more than an instant. I don't think you'd have an issue here since the display is so small relative to your overall field of view.
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Do you think they could get rid of the glasses frames and replace it with an earpiece like bluetooth headsets have?

Seems like a waste to wear glasses frames if the user doesn't need prescription lenses. I know they wouldn't be as sturdy without the frame, but if the earpiece rests up against the side of the head from ear to eyebrow it might be alright. Then the device could be a lot smaller and could be something you can take off and put in your pocket when you don't need it.
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I'm sure it's theoretically possible, but it'd be difficult to make that compatible with other glasses as well. I think the next step will probably be something that can clip onto glasses or work with its own frame. For something that just sits on one ear I'd think it'd need to be substantially lighter -- not that it's heavy now.
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About how long can you wear these until they feel uncomfortable?
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I take them off after about two or three hours, usually.

It's a combination of my right eye getting a little tired and me just wanting to give my nose a rest.
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I wouldn't mind knowing this as well. Eye fatigue or physical facial fatigue?
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More physical, but even eye fatigue, sure.
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do you think anyone is truly, constantly enjoying google glass (I guess, with infinite bandwidth and people to interact with, instead of more digital media), or are they all working toward some vision?

also, why do you think glass isn't an accessory product to a handset?
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Have you taken videos of your walking through, say a museum or a park yet? I am curious if videos taken with glass would be more or less shaky than taken with an iPhone or point and shoot camera. In this way I think Glass competes with Go Pro and Looxcie, but I know that's not really the point.

Do you see a watch being paired with Glass to remove cell phones from our pockets? Before see Glass I saw a future with earpieces and watches replacing our smartphones.

Is Glass waterproof/resistant? Just curious if you have to be super careful in the rain at this point.
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I would love to hear Google lens review soon.
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Hi Tim,

My name is Samantha and I live in the UK.

I am a journalist looking for opinions and reviews about Google Glass for a project - are you available for a telephone interview at some point this week?

Please contact me by email: shouse@uclan.ac.uk

Thank you,
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So while you are driving does it get in the way of the rear view mirror enough to be distracting? I am writing an argumentative essay for my writing class about google glass and distracted driving.
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