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August 1st 2011 6:55 pm

iCloud storage pricing announced.

Sounds reasonable, though Amazon's Cloud Drive is a bit cheaper (~$1/GB).

$20 / year for 10GB
$40 / year for 20GB
$100 / year for 50GB

I will probably upgrade, since I'm bumping up to my free 5GB limit already w/ 2 iOS devices!

Via: 9to5mac.com­/2011­/08­/01­/icloud­-pricing­-per­-year­-20­-...

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It's not very good pricing at all. It's around twice as expensive as Amazon, but it's around EIGHT TIMES what Google charges.

For that top price of $100/year, Google gives you 400GB of storage to share between the Docs, GMail, and Picasa Web Albums apps. Not only that, but most photos and videos you're able to take with an Android or iOS phone won't count against your storage space.

What I find odd is that you don't even have the option for anything higher than 50GB. If Apple wants people to shed the optical disc drives and move to cloud storage, won't they need to offer more space than this? Google, on the other hand, offers reasonable plans up to 1TB at $256/year, and if you're Mr. Moneybags you can go up to 16TB for $4,096/year.

Why is it so much more?
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ps- Here's the link to Google's storage pricing: http://goo.gl/XKUH

The two services are difficult to compare feature for feature, but when it comes down to it, I can't see any way that you're not paying significantly more for Apple's Cloud drive...
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The value proposition of iCloud is more than just storage. It's the convenience and hassle-free experience it provides, as well.

Google's storage is great, if it's what you need, but that's merely all it is: storage.
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I did mention in my follow up that it's not easy to compare the services offered feature for feature.

It is indeed all about what you need, and if what you need is to only store photos in the cloud for not a lot of money, you're going to want to go with the Google option.

And any which way you cut it, if you need to store more than 55GB in the cloud, you can't only use Apple's service.

Again, like you said yourself, it's about what you need. If you're like me and you use Google Docs instead of Office, all the files you need are in Google Docs anyway.

For the most part, this only matters to a small number of people anyway. I can't imagine there's a large percentage of people who need to store more than 20GB in the cloud, but there will probably be more in the future.
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Yep. Well priced IMO. For those that think otherwise, take a look at Dropbox's pricing ($99/year for 50GB); so they are comparable.
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Also, don't forget the iTunes matching and photo stream does not count towards your storage. Storage is merely documents & data and iOS backups.
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yeah, I'm thinking I may be good with the 10GB or 20GB plan. I'm excited....iCloud.com is pretty nice.
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Sounds like a way better deal than MobileMe! How are you bumping against your 5GB? What does iCloud store up there?
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I'm actually not planning on upgrading at all. I'll use the free 5 for iOS backups, but that's about it. I'm sure I'll have some iWork data on there, but I rarely use it. I pay $5 for 20GB of Google storage across Picasa, Gmail, and Docs, so I have no need to upgrade, or even use the Mail, Contacts, Reminders, or Calendar features of iCloud.
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