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April 4th 2012 9:15 am

ICS is now on 2.9% of all Android devices. How do you think the roll out is going?

Yesterday it was reported[1] ICS was on 2.9% of all Android devices with Gingerbread still being the main OS on Android devices at 63.7%. It's already hit the S II and the Sensation with the Razr, Rezound and Note coming up very soon. With the source being out since November how do you feel manufactures are doing with getting the latest OS version out to their devices?

[1] www.engadget.com­/2012­/04­/02­/ics­-reaches­-2­-9­-percen...

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I think the rollout is going as well as it can. Google will have to accept the fact that a lot of phones are stuck on gingerbread (or lower). As much as they want to get ICS out the door into the hands of the user, certain manufactures will not upgrade their entire phone lines.

Now 2.9% does seem small, but take into consideration the
1. Number of android devices out there (and perhaps the number of users that don't know how to upgrade)
2. The number of distinct SKU's that a manufacturer has to support. (Look at how many android devices samsung has www.gsmarena.com­/samsung­-phones­-9.php )
3. The number of carrier approvals that have to be passed. (AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile...etc must approve software going to their phones)

These three main factors create the, for lack of better word, perfect storm that limits the rollout. It is not just Google that has had this problem. BlackBerry and their rollout of OS6/6.1/7/7.1 was slow, and I want to say WP Mango had this issue on a much lesser scale.

Yet people still clutch on to Windows XP...
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Old phones I understand but why are new phones being released with the old OS? That's what I feel makes no sense.
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Here is an explanation, www.techworld.com.au­/article­/415143­/android­_ice­_cr...

TL:DR version - there are many parties involved. If you have ever worked on a large project, you will realize that most of the time is waiting on people to sign off on thins. Also, most phones have a gestation period of 6 to 8 months. You can't just switch OS in the middle of it.
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New phones with OS has to do with the fact that "new" phones are planned so far in advance they might not have had ICS source.
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Personally I'm upset with the way Google has handled Android thus far. I understand the idea of the OS being open source which allows for unique mods and all but Google needs to employ some standards when it comes to the OS. There's no reason why only such a small percentage of devices carry the latest OS. At least make it a standard for manufacturers to have the latest OS on a new device.

I can go on for days over my gripes of Google's poor marketing skills but I won't turn this into a rant. I have backed Android since the G1 and as every year passes by I lose more and more hope over the potential of the OS.
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I think you answered your own questions. It's up to the manufacturers with the blessing of the carriers to deploy. That's how open source works.. you can take the code and do what you want with it. Google is only responsible for the Nexus devices.. which Nexus S in the US have not gone so well.
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I'm just worried about how much control the carriers are getting and may ultimately have UNLESS Google becomes more proactive. Is that part of your concerns?
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The roll out is a disaster so far. Manufacturers do not have any incentive to spend time and resources updating ICS to run on their older hardware. Unfortunate, but seems to be true. How long has ICS been out? Last I saw was that there are about 1,400 different devices out with some version of Android.
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I agree with you, most people don't care or know what version they have... heck, most think it's a "Droid."
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Not as smooth as it should, but it's getting there.
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