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March 8th 2013 3:13 pm

If a product fixes most the issues that brought down it's GDGT Score in software updates, could it get its score re-evaluated?

I've noticed the main reasons mentioned for the poor score on the Pebble smartwatch are all software based that will most likely be resolved or at least improved upon over time. I'm curious about if the score would be recalculated if it got some big software updates that greatly improved on it and/or the 3rd party tools collection vastly increased.

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As stated in our gdgt Score FAQ:

"if a new product turns out to have a major defect that isn't apparent until it's been on the market for a little while, or if a software upgrade dramatically changes a product's capabilities, we may revisit its score or recommendation status."

Hope this answers your question!
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I'm so sorry! I really should've checked the help and FAQ before asking! >.<
Thanks for the info. :D
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