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June 15th 2010 4:30 pm

If you ask me, this thing is ugly.

Personally, I would have kept the LED lights where they were, moved the 3D slider to the side, and kept the insides entirely black, with color accents on the button text and such. Also, move the back cameras and the top screen a little higher up; that bothers me for some reason.

If Nintendo at least fixes the colors, I'll buy one. What about you guys?

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I swear I saw an all black one on Engadget today.
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Same here, I think IGN even has a video demonstrating it, though not on...
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I just saw it a couple minutes ago; it appears they added a black press shot later on.
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I don't care what color it is, there are two game that I am buying it for and I will see where it goes, Pilot wings and Kid Icarus are games I have been waiting for since the 90's.
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I wish Nintendo kept the matte black design of the DSi. IMO a matte finish if far superior to a glossy one.

Also, when are Nintendo going to make a handheld made of metal? I would love a brushed aluminium finish (in anodized black).
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I would like the brushed finished that Zune HD has been using...

Only time I liked matte finish was also from Zune, with the black/blue shade.
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