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March 12th 2012 12:51 am

If you have Dish, which DVR/ Receiver do you have and what's your beef with it?

I have the Dish ViP922 Duo with Sling. It's got a decently large disk (1TB) and it supports Sling. My complaints are the number of times that the device just flat out does not record a show. Its almost as if it forgot (as if that were possible). It's happened at least 7 times since I rejoined Dish in late 2010.
I am looking forward to the Hopper because it looks to be what I wanted the 922 to have been in the first place. I hope the processor is good and powerful.

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I have the 622 and 722k and really have had no issues with them. However, I do want the Hopper because I like all the features that it is supposedly bringing.
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Don't get the hopper!! You can only record three shows if they aren't in primetime and if someone in another room wants to watch tv (we have three) they have to watch what tv one and two are watching or stop recording a show. Not worth it!! I want to get rid of it and they are going to make me still pay the $100 it cost to get it. Not happy with this at all.
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I apologize that you are having issues with the ViP922 and recording. If you have any questions about upgrading to the Hopper or need further assistance with your ViP922 please feel free to send me an email.

Raymond Gonzales
DISH Internet Response Team
Sunday-Thursday 2:45-11:15 MST
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