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If you want ultra-compact for travel, go with the new Sony Pocket Reader.

If you want an eReader with more functionality and don't mind charging every few days, the NookColor is a no-brainer. Browser is more than capable, media player is OK, Flash and Silverlight (i.e., Netflix streaming) support are coming soon. Build quality is great. Half the price, easily, of everything out there except for no-name tablets. ePub support for public library books and Google bookstore support seals the deal for me over the Kindle. e-ink sounds great at first, definitely wins for sunlight reading and battery life... but I don't read books by the pool, and I am never away from a power outlet for more than a couple of days. I read in bed, on darkened planes on overseas flights, etc., and backlit LCD easily beats any e-Ink plus booklight option I've ever encountered. Eyestrain is a total non-issue, I look at an LCD monitor for 8 hours a day, never had eyestrain. The nookColor has a nice IPS display, arguments of eyestrain are simply not true. Contrast with real black text against a real white background easily beats that of even new e-Ink with kinda black text on a very gray background.

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I completely agree that eyestrain is not an issue. I have been reading on my Nook color for an average for 3-4 hours a day, some days i will read for about 8 hours, and not once have i found it difficult or tiresome. And the backlit screen, without having to clip on an accessory, is a must as i read in bed in the dark more than anything else. I have no regrets about going with the Nook Color.
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