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July 2nd 2009 8:08 pm

Instructions: How to Jailbreak the iPod Touch 2nd Gen

Here you can find required download links and full instructions on how to jailbreak your iPod Touch 2nd Gen running 3.0


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GIzmodo has a guide too.

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what is the reason for jailbreaking it
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A few good reasons.
Some don't apply anymore, like the Turn-by-Turn GPS, but most of them do.
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yep, its pretty easy thnx to the dev team !!!!!
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is there a danger of permanently bricking your ipod though? Or is the worst that could happen is that you just have to restore it through itunes? Because i don't really wanna risk bricking my $220 ipod
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A restore cures all. I have never run into an iPod Touch or iPhone that couldn't be restored if there was any problem.
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iPod touch / iphones are impossible to brick which makes hacking around like this a lot easier. The worst you will have to do is restore it. (Have JB my ipod touch the night redsn0w came out with the tethered version so I've screwed it up a few times and its still working today)
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Why would you need to JB it? The App store has it all. There's very little in there for iPod users.
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I'll say this, the AppStore, for the vast majority of users, such as yourself, has pretty everything you need/want. For people that want more control and the ability to customize almost every aspect of their iPhone / iPod touch, jailbreaking is a necessity.

As maki said in a post below: "The app store does not have it all. Cydia has much to offer."


Does the AppStore have themes for your iPhone with custom/video backgrounds, custom sounds, change app icons, or use a different system font? Note: NeoTech as the system font is absolutely awesome.
There's no official app for that.

What about running an app in the background?
Nope. Apple says it's bad for the battery. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't have the option to run something in the background anyways. Seriously, with the 3G S, with it's higher RAM, backgrounding an app or two is possible memory management wise.
Jailbreaking gives you that option.

How about having folders, so instead of having a mess of home screens to flick through, just throw all your games into one single icon launcher. Then, the app limit is almost gone. Instead of being limited to the number of icons on the home screen, you're simply limited to how much space you have left on your iPhone / iPod touch.
It's called Categories. Only in Cydia.

Live weather icon, live clock icon, reflective dock, numerical battery in the status bar.
Yeah... AppStore doesn't have you covered.


Also, just remember, if it wasn't for jailbreaking, there would have been no push for apple to allow native games/apps. We'd all be stuck with Web Apps. Tap Tap Revenge was originally built on 1.X era... it was rather shaky too :P
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I still dont want to JB my iPod touch. without JB, i thing this is really great mobile devices with rich features. especially after I upgrade firmware to iPhone OS 3.0.

But if JB can make iPod touch able to run telephony function, of course i will do it. hehhehehe
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If you've got a 2nd gen, you could simply run Skype from AppStore and use a supported mic with the headphone jack.

If you're running a 1st gen, well, it's a bit harder as you'll have to find a mic that works through the dock connector.
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Yeah, if you do jb your touch, redsn0w is the best way to do it.

To freshtodeath- The app store does not have it all. Cydia has much to offer.
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If you Jailbreak your iTouch is there anything you CAN'T do anymore that you should be able to do with a normal iTouch? Like do you lose any features... or is it everything you can do with a normal iTouch PLUS lots of extras because of the jb?

If for some reason it messes up, just go into iTunes and do a restore right.. is that what you guys are talking about?

I heard there's a new iTouch coming out in a week or so. Might pick it up.
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no functionality from before you jailbreak dissapear, you have all the original functions+cydia ;)
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