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September 5th 2012 1:01 pm

Introducing the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, do Microsoft and Nokia have a winner?

Nokia took to the stage today to show the two newest members to the Lumia family.

First up was the Lumia 920 which is the latest iteration of the Lumia 900. Nokia didn’t hold back on this phone, not only including their PureView camera technology but also their new display technology called PureMotion HD+ . While the Lumia 920 doesn’t have the same megapixel count as the 808 (8.7 vs 41) Nokia made it clear that PureView is not about megapixels but rather the actual capture of the photo. When describing the PureView features of the Lumia 920 they stated that it will capture between 5 and 10 times the light of any other smartphone. The PureMotion HD+ display is something Nokia is calling “the best viewing experience of any smartphone display” and it sure looks that way with the Lumia 920 having a 4.5-inch screen running at 1280x768 which results in 332PPI. Some of the other specs rounding out the Lumia 920 are a large 2,000mAh battery, and Snapdragon S4 which Nokia feels is “30% more battery efficient than quad-core alternatives.”

While the Lumia 920 set out to be the new flagship device, the Lumia 820 comes in as a more budget-friendly phone. There is no PureView or PureMotion HD+ display but the 820 is a sure step up from last years Lumia 800, with Nokia feeling the 820 is a “mid-range smartphone that delivers high-end performance in a compact package.” It surely seems that way with 4.3-inch OLED display and the same S4 processor in the Lumia 920. There will be LTE and HSPA+ variants of the Lumia 820.

Some other points Nokia talked about today were offline maps for their Nokia Drive GPS software, wireless charing for both phones, City Lens which is their AR browser similar to Yelp’s monoicle feature, and a new touch screen from Synaptics. The screen was demoed specifically to show that it can be used with regular ol' gloves, so no longer will you need those fancy mittens with the capacitive buttons on them.

Nokia also showed off some new accessories to go along with the Lumia line including the JBL Power Up (gdgt.com­/jbl­/power­-up/) which has NFC built in to allow for seamless music playing by just tapping the phone to the top of the speaker.

So you’re probably asking, when do these come out? Well that is the one thing that both Nokia and Microsoft decided to not tell anoyone which is a real shame because there is a lot to like about these two new devices.

One thing that I’m slightly dissapointed in, but really never had huge expectations for it to happen, was to see something to go head-to-head with the iPod touch. Peter brought this up a few weeks ago after Microsoft showed off the Surface (read more about it here gdgt.com­/discuss­/call­-it­-the­-surface­-player­-why­-mi... ) and Nokia seems like the right manufacturer to pull this off. If they can get the PureView technology into a device like the Lumia but sell it as a WiFi-only device it could really do something for Windows Phone.

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I know I will get the 920 if the camera is as good as reported. While Samsung and HTC repackage there Android phones as WP phones, Nokia have taken there spare time not developing an operating system, and spent that time developing top tier applications and front line hardware.

My only complaint is that there is no blue 920, now I have to decide between red or white. (you may say why not classic black or gray? because I want people to ask me what phone I am using.)
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Amazing. I want this.
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It's a shame that they decided to go with a 4.5" screen for the flagship device. I used the Lumia 800 as my primary phone for 6+ months, switched to the HTC One X for a little while but then went back because, among other reasons, the One X was just too big to use comfortably. And the Lumia 920 will, overall, be bulkier.

The lack of a resolution bump on the 820 over the 800 and some of the other missing features from the 920 will make it a tough sell (for me).

Wireless charging is cool and convenient. NFC remains a gimmick.

Unless there are still some hidden as yet unannounced features lurking in Windows Phone 8 I'm not yet convinced to pick up either of these...
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I use a HTC Titan, and at 4.7, it is a smidgen to big sometimes, so 4.5 is going to be my sweet spot.
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"Wireless charging is cool and convenient. NFC remains a gimmick."

Hah, I see it the other way around.
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Absolutely gorgeous.
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I think the choice/option of color on the 920 but even more so on the 820 is something that is needed in the smart phone market. In a crowed room of glass, aluminum or plastic, and black or white; Nokia has set themselves apart from other OEMs and iPhone wanna bees (I'm talking to you Samsung) by allowing the phone - your phone - to truly be your phone through choice of color and matching accessories. Nokia and Microsoft do have a winner the problem is will the media and pundants give it a chance to be a good product before saying its "A nokia phone with Windows Mobile..." or "it's a good phone but it has no apps." I will be getting a 920(probably in yellow) and wireless charger on day 1.
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The plastic cases and the bright colors of these phones get to me, and not in a good way. I just compared this to the HTC Droid DNA and the DNA is more solid. But, I need something on AT&T's 4GLTE. I am in the U.S. (New York) and need speed, most of all, for sending large graphics files.
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