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November 19th 2013 7:19 pm

Ipad Air Smart Case vs Smart Cover

I recently bought an ipad air, and I'm trying to decide whether to get a smart cover or smart case. I don't want the extra bulk of the smart case, but the full protection is important to me. Also, I'd prefer not to get a 3rd party case, but suggestions would still be appreciated. If anyone who has one or the other could give me some advice, I'd appreciate it!

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I thought smart case is much more better. for smart case, it can 360 degree rotating. the material of smart case is better, it is comfortable PU material. our company( Shenzhen Western Electronic Co., Ltd) sell this ipad case. you can check it our website: www.weaccessory.com
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Well whether to opt for case or cover? I suggest you get yourself a smart case and make sure you protect you screen on top of that. Ebay has got plenty of them covers and so does amazon. For screen protector, I got mine from ebay as well www.ebay.com­/itm­/APPLE­-iPad­-Air­-Screen­-Protector­-G...
and it does great. It is ultra clear and I can hardly feel it when swiping. Comes at a reasonable price too, something like 25 bucks and was shipped fro free too.
Good deal huh!!

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I will say, the Smart Case is noticeably more compact than the previous case that shipped with the iPad 3 / 4. That said, you're still adding some bulk.
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I just picked up the smart cover last night and had one on my 3rd generation iPad before. Obviously not something that's going to give much protection if you drop it but protecting the screen and being able to position the screen for easier viewing makes it worthwhile to me.
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Any advantages over the case?
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Not sure I'd consider it an advantage but I didn't want the bulk of the case.
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