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October 3rd 2011 11:28 pm

iPhone 4s is code for...

iPod 3G

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by now i'm pretty sure it's okay to assume it's the iPhone 4Siri.
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that really is a bad representation for what the 4S is. It is a sound and safe decision for apple to make. Plus, who would want an iPod 3G, which I assume you mean iPod Touch 3g, because you weren't specific. They already have an iPad 3G, why get a smaller screen?
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I don't think we'll ever see an iPod touch 3G (but I'd love to be wrong). Mostly because of space issues with the 3G antenna, carrier anxiety over unlocked / out-of-contract devices on their networks, and overall prices of 3G devices (e.g., you can get an iPod touch for WAY cheaper than an iPhone, which has a 3G antenna).
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I'm not sure what you mean exactly but the S in the iPhone 3GS stood for speed so I'd assume the S in a potential 4S represents the newer A5 dual core processor and other spec bumps.
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Apple uses code and leeks to confuse people so during launch devices will surprise public. We will get iPhone 5 because ios5. Think about it. If my statement ain't true next year iOS 6 will be on an iPhone 5. Don't make sence. So in conclusion , we will get iPhone 5 and a iPod touch 3G or even 4g
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Lets go with history
iPhone (2G/EDGE) iOS 1
iPhone 3G iOS 2
iPhone 3GS iOS 3
iPhone 4 iOS 4
iPhone 4S iOS 5

The OS is not exactly congruent with the name of the phone. It's more of a generation thing. So don't say apple is trying to confuse, because they aren't. And yes, you will possibly be correct, iPhone 5 will be iOS 6. iPod touch 3G? I highly doubt it, they have to keep the kiddies happy and parents happy, don't want to sign the kid up for a contract on a device they may throw down for the next shiny toy in 6 months. iPad is the way to go with that. And 4G, may not even be in the next gen iPhone, I say 2013 before we see it. When the real 4G comes out and it becomes an industry standard. iPhone (2G) didn't have 3G at firs, so yeah.. I think an iPhone (4G) is a long way off...
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