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September 17th 2012 9:32 pm

iPhone 5's new lightning connector

What are your thoughts about Apple's switch to the lightning connector?

Essentially I think smaller is better and I'll likely only use it to charge my phone since i do have an Apple TV for Airplay. I also love that its reversible.

However, I can't help but be rubbed a little raw that Apple isn't including an adapter with at least the first batch of purchases. I'd wager for most early adopters, this is nowhere near close to their first i-device. We've got clock radios, car adapters, speaker docks and not to mention the collection of USB-to-30pin cables (hell, I even have a few Firewire ones). It would have been a nice gesture. But I suppose by not including it, they stand to make a shit-ton of money.

Oh, and buyer beware of the cheaper adapters-- from the looks of it, they don't include the DAC (digital audio converter) to allow you to play audio via the dock, so you'll only be able to charge your phone with them (from my understanding).

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I have many, many 30-pin devices and cables (two docks, at least a dozen cables, and my car supports iPod Out, which won't work over the adapter)... and I'm still okay with it. I mean, the 30-pin connector had a ten-year run. I bought one of these docks for my fifth-gen iPod (with a hard drive in it), and I've now used it with two iPods and four iPhones. I certainly haven't gotten that kind of longevity out of Palm or Samsung accessories.

I just wish they had the option to buy a cheaper adapter without the DAC (just for sync & charging), but I'm guessing third parties will cover that soon enough.

I don't think it makes sense to include the adapter in the box with the phone. Plenty of first-time buyers still.
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I think it was necessary. The connector needed to be thinner for the sake of the device's design. The 30 Pin connector has lasted longer than any other proprietary connector on the market. Reversible is always a win in my books.

I have only owned 2 iPods up to this point and thus have 2 30 pin cables (one of which is ruined, the other is starting to wear thin). I haven't invested in accessories or docks. I guess I am probably an odd exception. I don't really have a problem with them not including an adapter (I pre-ordered my third iPod) as I guess I never invested in the ecosystem. Hell I chose to use bluetooth in my car rather than paying Mazda $359.99 to install an iPod connector (which is most definitely outdated now). Perhaps I have been lucky.
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1 free adapter would be nice, but money talks and $30 is cheaper than buying a new stereo.
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This isn't my first iDevice, but I also don't own a single product (other than cables) that use the 30-pin connector. I've never been much of a speaker dock/accessory guy.

Either way, this change was probably inevitable, and I'm glad they got it out of the way sooner rather than later (especially if it truly enabled them to make the phone thinner). It should hopefully pave the way for USB 3.0/Thunderbolt connectivity on the 5S or the 6, which sounds pretty great to me.

As for what I think about it personally? The thing I hate the most about the 30-pin connector is flipping it over 4 times before I get it seated correctly, so, I can't wait for the reversibility of this thing.
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I am fine with it.

A free adapter to ease everyone in would have been great. I didn't think we really needed new headphones so that could have left room in the packaging for the adapter.

Since I can't get an adapter until October I guess I will be taking my cable with me everywhere I go? Luckily, for me the cable is only for charging as I use bluetooth and airplay in my home and still rock an old cassette adapter in my car.

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