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September 23rd 2012 9:50 pm

iPhone 5 Wifi Issues?

I posted this on the Verge as well, but is anyone having sluggish/inconsistant issues with WiFi?


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I had an issue when I first activated the phone, I could only open one web site and then I would have to reset wifi if I wanted to connect somewhere else but after rebooting the iPhone problem disappeared and never happened again so far.
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Seems like this happens to me when viewing YouTube videos. It seems like Netflix works just fine. However, I did get a paltry 5mb/s down when using the Speedtest.net app and connected to wifi. LTE, on the otherhand, gave me a whopping 28.1.
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I'm having problems where my phone seems to use LTE even when I'm supposedly on wifi.
2.4GB in one week when I have never even reached 2 in one month is more than the difference in speed. I've not used my phone much differently than I ever have- I'd expect a slight bump this month but there's no way I've used 2.4GB when I'm almost always on wifi. (I'm on Verizon by the way)
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IPhone 5 has issues connecting to Specific WiFi Settings, e.g., 5 GHz. This problem manifests in unreliable connections, slow connections, Network Timeouts and the user unknowinlingy using their cell data. Apple stores have set aside iPhone 5 specifically for exchanges. However, Apple has not acknowledged the issue.
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