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September 11th 2013 8:57 am

iPhone 5S and Its Fingerprint

Apple released iPhone 5S this morning, it seems nothing changes but the home key is added fingerprint ability and the A7 processor. So, do you think it is better than the Samsung Galaxy S4? As far as I know, S4 with a Full HD display that 5S does not have. What is your opinion?

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I think we're at a point with phones were you can't compare specs, but rather the experience. It's kind of like buying a car, you get the one that gives you the best driving experience.

It's also been tough to compare Android against iOS since the platforms aren't apples to apples comparison. Apple has tended to run with optimized software on lower spec'd hardware, where Android is all about getting the fastest possible hardware in there.
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Yo know frankspin, your point is one that has been commonly mentioned and it doesn't get enough credit. I recently wrote a Samsung S4 review myself and found the 'experience' wasn't anywhere near as enjoyable as the iPhone's.

Even so, I was hoping that the next gen of iPhones will offer some variety in sizes in a similar fashion to Android devices. An iOS experience on a larger phone - now that'd be awesome.
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The sad truth is that you'll likely never get this in an "S" year from Apple. Once they settled on "new design" one year, and internal upgrades the next, they seem to have stuck with it.

Expect more screen sizes and a new design next fall.
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I agree with you. The experience Samsung S4 brings to us is best in my opinion. Anywhere, it is only personal feeling, every user has a different preference, so, it is not proper to say which one is better.
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Well, we cannot simply compare the specs of the two handsets, but the user experience is different. Imagine that, you view movie in a larger display and in a smaller display, I guess you may love the larger display with more ppi. I think this is a key advantage of Samsung Galaxy S4. And what's your opinion. frankspin?
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You're picking one aspect of what a phone can do, for some there is no need to watch movies or have a large screen for media consumption. When i used the word experience I should have explained it more thoroughly in that someone will buy the phone that meets their needs and requirements. For me the extra large screen sizes of Android are nice and do provide rich colors, but they're also getting a bit out of control.
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