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October 14th 2012 12:10 pm

iPod Touch 5th-gen missing features

This so close to being perfect. Apple always leaves out something. What's missing for everyone else?
-GPS for me. This would so great to use GPS with the camera and maps. The shape and screen are excellent and super light, almost too light.

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to make this a "perfect" device i would like to see them add and why:
  1. GPS, it has MAPS right on the home screen and they even point it out in the "built in Apps" part of the page for the device. WTF they suck with out GPS and data to take advantage of them when out and about.
  2. a better Camera. This thing is thin light and gorgeous. But it has an MP camera which is much better than the old one but come on give this thing the same as the iPhone 5 or better and i can see people using it over a dedicated camera.
  3. A mico SD slot. you bought the 32 or even the 64 having the micro SD would come in handy moving movies and music and even photos off the device while out and about.
  4. 4G data. i know you could get the phone for that but it would be nice to have and this is a wish list anyways.
  5. NFC. It would be nice to be able to use the tags and program them for some basic functions. like tap the tag when you get home and the wifi is turned on and bluetooth turns on and connect to your speakers and it launches your spotify and presto music through out the house. Or it turns everything off and sets the alarm for when you go to bed. you can program NFC tags to kick of specific actions. i will give that one to Android and samsung.
Ok there is my "wish" list.
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Well, you gotta leave some things out, in order to have some new features to include with the upcoming models. Otherwise, it's going to be a boring keynote next year and so on.

GPS would've been a great feature to have in the 5th-gen. If they can fit GPS chips inside wrist watches, I don't see why they couldn't cram one into the latest iPod touch despite its super slim profile. And the touch being a very portable device, one that many people exercise with, it would help collect location data to improve Apple's widely criticized Maps.

Another feature I'd like to have on the 5th-gen iPod touch would be the ambient light sensor. Although I usually manually adjust the screen brightness on most of my devices, I'm hearing from iPhone users that the auto adjust feature in iOS 6 is much improved. But what really bothers me about this is that the previous iPod touch had the light sensor, and I'm willing to put money on it that the 6th-gen iPod touch will certainly have it.
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