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September 29th 2011 4:01 pm

Is Amazon disingenuous with the new Kindle prices?

I'm drooling at the mouth probably as much as everyone else with he announcements of the new Kindles. A $79 Kindle!!!! A $99 Kindle touch!!!!!!!! $149 Touch w/ 3G!!!!!!!!!

The blogs were all going nuts about it and spamming us with the information. People were writing home B&N's doom (again). Even on Amazon's homepage they are sort of advertising these prices.

I have to say though as I went to the Kindle page's on Amazon I found that all of those advertised prices were for the "ad supported" versions of each device. If you look closely you will find that the non-ad-supported versions are $109 for the Kindle, $139 for the Touch and $189 for the Touch 3G.

Anyone else find this just a bit slimy? Too many parents and grandparents are going to purchase these ad-supported versions for their kids without even knowing it. Just seems a bit, I dunno, off-putting from a company that normally is known for being very forthright with its customers.

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Nope, not slimy. I believe the ads don't show while you're reading, just on the home screen and as a screensaver. So it could be worse. I kind of applaud them for finding ways to lower the prices on these things. It keeps them competitive in a market filled with similar offerings and with a giant like the iPad.

One day we may not see an ad-free version. You can count on seeing ads where you spend your time, on the road (billboards), on television, in magazines. I think it was all a matter of time before this happened.
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I tend to agree that it isn't slimy, just a bit confusing. From everybody that has an ad supported Kindle, these are not very intrusive. And the subsidy is consistent across the line. I wish Dell, et al did this with shovelware. I'd pay an extra few bucks to get a clean OS install.
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The ads are just on the startscreen when the "screensaver" is on. And I think that for USD30 you can make your kindle ad-less.
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I have purchased the $79 Kindle for my nephew. The adds are close to un-noticable. I really think everyone should get the lower cost add supported version.
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