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November 3rd 2011 10:18 am

is any one holding off on buying an Android device because it doesn't have ICS?

I just read the Xoom 2 announcement and the recent press release on the new Razor and I'm wondering if any one is holding off on buying a new Android device until Ice Cream Sandwich is released for that device?

the software updates seem to take forever to get rolled out to existing devices. i know that was one of my complains for me when my Droid X2 came out it took months for it to get updated to gingerbread.

how long will it take for them to roll it out to devices like the Xoom 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the HTC Jet-stream?

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I'm not really avoiding other phones because they DON'T have ICS as much as I'm focused on one phone (the Galaxy Nexus) because it HAS it.

The primary deciding factor of which phone I buy is whether it's the pure Android experience. I want a Google experience phone, not a manufacturer's overlay, and the Galaxy Nexus will be my only option for this generation (so far).

Now we just need a release date! What the heck, Verizon? :)
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There was a leak of Verizon's line up and it said that the Galaxy Nexus is going to come out near the end of this month. In that case, I would definitely hold out on upgrading to a new phone (even though I can't actually get a new phone until well into 2012).

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Ugh. Verizon doesn't have a clue how to market their phone. Who buys a phone for the holidays? Even Apple doesn't release their phones like this.

You know when people want these phones, Verizon? ASAP! I was fine with November 10th. Everyone who knew this phone was coming has been waiting months for it already.

In the end, what I really want is for someone to be straightforward. If they're going to release it at the end of the month, they should TELL US! What's with them not actually announcing a release date? How does that help them?

The only thing I can think is that they're pissed that the Bionic won't have as much time at the top of the heap as they'd like.
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totally. Ice cream sandwich everywhere plz
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For smartphones, yes. For tablets, I'm waiting for Kal-el.
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