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October 5th 2011 9:06 pm

Is anyone more interested in the new Nexus Prime now that Apple has announced the iPhone 4S?

I'm one of those people who was disappointed by the release of the iPhone 4S. I have heard every argument, and I have been literally lambasted by people telling me that I'm crazy for taking this device for granted. However, nothing is going to stop be from being slightly depressed at the lack of a totally game-changing phone being released in full Apple glory.

As a result of the announcement I've become more curious about Samsung and Google's new "Nexus Prime" that is supposedly debuting next week.

It's this post that really tipped me over the edge: 9to5google.com­/2011­/10­/05­/is­-the­-nexus­-prime­-a­-tab...

For some time I have been hoping to get a tablet and a phone that more directly link with each other. I don't necessarily need something like the Asus Padfone, but two devices that were meant to work together. I had hoped Apple would pursue this kind of relationship with the iPad and iPhone, but no such luck.

I realized that these gold connectors are more than likely going to be used for cordless charging (like with the original Nexus One), but the idea of having a phone and tablet go hand in hand makes me really excited in the wake of what I feel is a rather boring announcement from Apple.

Anyone else?

Edit: Here are the leaked specs for the Nexus Prime: www.gsmarena.com­/source­_close­_to­_google­_reveals­_re...

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Hmm...I can't really see how the longer outline is a tablet. It really just looks like an outline of the water that the Nexus Prime seems to be floating on. Also, I was HUGELY disappointed when the Nexus S omitted the dock connectors. I'm glad that they're putting this back on the Prime, now I know that the car dock for the Prime just a cheap piece of plastic the falsely advertises how it automatically puts the phone in car mode.
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Actually, I finally watched the video and I see why you think it's a tablet and phone combo and it make sense. It would be very very VERY interesting to see the tablet and cell phone hardware combine AND tablet and cell phone software converge....I'm a lot more excited now for next week. Good job. :)
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Seems awfully big if true. Will have to wait and see.
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Yep, definitely more interested.
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Who isn't interested except for those annoying iFanboys, im invested in all of the main ecosystems, WP7, Android and iOS, but the iPhone was once again a minor update, whereas this device has the potential to be ground breaking. The good thing about Nexus devices is that you expect than once a year like the iPhone and the Galaxy S meaning upgrading isnt a problem, plus this will get the updates from Google without the delays or hassle
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