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November 21st 2009 8:11 am

Is it fair for users to "review" Chrome OS in its current state?

Just noticed a gdgt user review of Chrome OS was submitted and it obviously scored very low marks.

Seeing as how this operating system probably isn't even an alpha build yet, is it fair for users to review the OS? We don't allow users to go back and amend their reviews at a later time, or submit follow up reviews, so this user won't be able to change their 4.1 rating at a later date.

What do you think we should do and how should we, as well as the entire gdgt community, handle this sort of thing?

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I think it should not be allowed and because, just like you stated; its not even a release, its a community built image from the source that google has released. During the liveblog they even said this wasn't what it was going to look like, and that it would change before the release.

So I think reviews on Chrome OS should at least be suspended until a beta release shows its face on the web and users can get the full expereince.
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I don't think it is fair to allow reviews at this point. The OS is at such an early point in it's development and it isn't even feature-complete yet. I feel like reviews should only be allowed at the beta stage (at the earliest) or the final release version. We have a full year of development ahead of us and at the pace that Google moves, the OS will evolve extremely quickly.

I think for now, the gdgt community should hold their judgements until a later date. I wouldn't be against taking the review down under the current circumstances. The moderators can use their judgement on this one but I am pretty sure that Dave and the others will agree that now isn't the time to review the OS.

Other thoughts?
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Reviewing Chrome OS has is, is like reviewing a concept car by its chassis frame.
It is a great privilege to be able to have a peek on what is being thought and developed, but we have to be aware of what stage of development we are in.

Me likes where its going though *wink* keep up the good workies
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An OS that you have to compile to even get running and even then only works in a virtual machine, should not be reviewed.
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it's not really ready to be reviewed...it is too deep in testing at this tage i think. it kinda works but i did have some issues with it today.
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Agree with everyone else here that a proper review is not possible at the moment.
It is possible to have a discussion about some of the concepts that Chrome OS is introducing. Computing entirely from within the browser, browser is the OS and all the data living in the cloud. These concepts are quite independent of chrome os itself. Although Chrome is based on Linux the same could have been achieved with modifications to Windows or OS X.
There are quite a lot of negative comments in the 'What do you think thread?' I think this is due to the huge anti climax of people download an image, setting it up only to find nothing ground breaking or interesting to fiddle with.
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Although it's obviously not ready for a full review, I think someone looking closely at Chrome OS is perfectly healthy.

Considering the fact that it is fundamentally destined to be browser-based environment, I think it is useful and constructive for people to measure the use, purpose, and ability of such a concept in its earliest stages. If Google were to release an alpha or beta edition on an unsuspecting audience in the coming months, I think people would immediately react negatively, insofar as the structure of the OS would be somewhat set in stone. As a pre-alpha, people can look at the direction in which Google is heading, and offer some constructive and valuable opinions on potential alterations to it, before it is too late to do so.

I realize that people have been weighing in on the topic in a lot of different places, but perhaps an informal review outlining these concerns in one centralized, coherent place, is necessary?

Personally, having tried the compiled edition, I am intrigued, but skeptical. I think Google needs to slow down for a moment, and absorb some of the feedback before it presses on. Maybe I'm naive in thinking that they will listen, but for some reason, I feel that if enough noise is made, changes will follow.
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I just kinda skimmed through the comments, but I believe reviews a week or so before the release date should be limited to the press/ members of reviewing organizations. Regular customers, however, should only be allowed to review an item after it's release. It is way to early to review it especially how the laptops that it will be optimized for isn't even available to purchase yet.
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I think that it would be impossible to review such a thing on today's computers. Google is building this OS so that the internet browser will be the OS. That is why Google doesn't want people to buy a disc, because even the very BIOS is different. The point is how can you truly test a OS in an environment that is not compatible with it? The very hardware in your system will disallow many things. The main point is that like Google says we have to wait to buy a computer with the OS on it to see if it is practical to have 100% cloud computing. I think it is very possible, and if Google pulls it off can change the core of all operating systems to be more cloud based.
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No, it is currently not operating under intended conditions nor is it even completed for those intended conditions. This would be like reviewing ice-cream while it is still dust.
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Hey I am a newbie to this, and I cant get any info on how to use it now that it is installed let alone review it! I cant even get past the login. This is what is going to make this fail... other OS' actualy care enough to provide some basic support for the new user.... I have searched near and far and have got zilch! Get some technical writers busy and provide some suport for the user... NOW!
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IMHO the subject for discussion at this time is present. But it isn't usability or some other concrete things (e.g. why the login screen is so primitive for some builds). The subject is the entire concept. And with this beta we clearly see this concept - a fast-booting Web-based OS targeted for netbooks and thin clients, Nothing more and nothing less. This concept exists right now, it will be the same in the final ChromeOS release. The point is that the concept isn't new itself but Google just involved more users in this discussion :)
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