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June 14th 2010 2:33 pm

Is it just me or does watching the Project Natal/Kinect demo give you the same feeling when Nintendo demoed Wii Music in that it feels like a complete failure.

Don't get me wrong, the technology is incredible, but I honestly just can't see people running in place and jumping over "hurdles" in a sports game or "petting" animals. These kind of people are better off sticking with the Wii.

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I think it all depends on the price, which they quite conspicuously failed to mention. For $50 I could see a lot of people buying these things for the voice controls alone. Then once you've got a good install base, some good development follows. But for $100? $150? Then you start getting into the range where the only people who would buy one are the people who these initial games are for. And how many of those types of people bought a 360, or are going to buy one in addition to a Kinect? My guess is not many.
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It depends really, the wii sold so well because of word of mouth, if kinetic does the same it could potentially be just as big, and with the kinetimals game, that could be huge with little kids, actually most of them would be. So I see this spreading like wildfire with the under 10 year olds if only because when one friend gets one every one else is going to want one as well.
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I am actually really excited for the sports game, I remember the Nintendo pad and Track and field, this is basically the same thing without the pad and I think it will be a great party game. In essence this could eclipse the wii in the party console, since it will theoretically be cheaper.
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I want to try the dance and Star Wars games.
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Yeah, agreed!

It seems like a lot of the stuff with the Wii is a novelty. Granted, Wii boxing, bowling, and tennis are fantastic party games. But I feel like an oaf playing these motion games by myself. Usually, I just want to lay on the couch, not run around!

That said, this motion tracking technology is pretty intriguing. It's interesting to see this is the next generation of motion control technology in consoles.
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Wait, so according to Joystiq, the Xbox 360 Slim has a "custom port" for the Kinect meaning that that the total cost of ownership for this thing goes to $299 for the Slim and $150 (supposedly) for the Kinect. They seriously expect people to pay $499 to play these games?
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They have stated over and over that the Kinect will be supported by every current console, so no you do not have to buy the "slim" model to use it so it is still the rumored $150
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Oh I see. www.engadget.com­/2010­/06­/14­/the­-new­-xbox­-360­-kinec...

That makes a bit more sense.
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I'm actually more interested in this product as a UI tool than a gaming peripheral. I like the idea of being able to drop a remote and NOT pick up a controller to get into Netflix, Play On, Zune Music, Facebook, DVD, a game, etc etc.
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