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July 15th 2009 3:49 pm

is it the real thing ?

Fuji made a lot of effort to make it like a SLR except for the fixed lens.
I already have a Canon Powershot S3IS which is a pretty capable superzoom. I wish to upgrade higher, naturally. I have always liked Fuji cameras - so the question is - is it worth the upgrade ? Or should I jump into DSLR waters ?

Considering I would have to buy atleast a bridge lens sort of 18-200 mm to get an everyday flexibility

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It is most definitely the real thing. I looked at getting a DSLR as well, and considering the price bracket, I found this much better value than a DSLR at a comparable price. The photos look gorgeous, the colour reproduction is fantastic, the zoom works wonderfully, and I've managed to get some beautiful photos using it.
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