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April 1st 2010 6:33 am

Is it weird that I would rather have a DSi then a DSi XL?

I find the form factor and color options better in the DSi. Plus I don't wanna walk around with a huge "Gameboy" in my pocket.

Secondly, with the 3DS announced it almost seems as though Nintendo is planning on having 3 models of the DS:

DSi (Entry level system.)
DSi XL (Hi-res performance system.)
3DS (Ultimate fun system.)

I think they are also going to sell these at 3 different price points.

I don't know I tend to speculate a lot.

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nope that isnt correct

DS lite = entry level system
DSi = THE DS console
DSi XL = poser e reader old people device
3DS = reserve judgement until it comes out or until i see one but i doubt it will be revolutionary or even good.

personally i think the XL and 3DS are retarded. the DS lite was a great console and the DSi made it even better. that is all that is needed. what is with every company and making bigger versions of their devices!
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The DSi XL is not intended for travel. It's intended for home use. As someone who owns all DS models (for better or worse), I can safely say that I enjoy the DSi XL much more than any previous model. Why? Because I don't travel enough with other people. Meaning that when I drive somewhere, I'm behind the wheel, so gaming isn't a possibility. My portable gaming is done around the home.

Whether you get the DSi or DSi XL should be based on one thing: what kind of gamer are you? The two systems are identical in terms of specifications except for the size and screen viewing angle (and obviously the battery). If you travel alot and play games on the road, then the DSi is your console. If you enjoy portable consoles but tend to play at home, then the XL is more suited for you.

Hand size or weight is not a factor.

The other point to consider is how you game. If you generally play alone, have no kids, and don't have someone who wants to look over your shoulder when you play, then the DSi is more appropriate for you. If, on the other hand, people watch you play constantly and you really don't enjoy breathing in the fumes of your fellow housemates, then the XL is your console.

I describe exactly why this is (though it is self evident...I mean, SIZE, you know) here if you want to read the specifics: www.tomsguide.com­/us­/DSiXL­-Nintendo­-Gaming­-Review,...
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first of all, the DSi XL is a bit of a joke, imo.. it has the same resolution, specs, and features as the DSi, it is just.. larger. i see no reason why you would want to buy an XL unless you have an eyesight problem, or lots of cash hanging around. at any rate the DSi XL is hardly a 'performance system' and it definitely isn't 'high-res' for it's size.

but i doubt that the 3DS will come out for another year and a half or two years, and when it is announced they will likely discontinue the DSi (both versions) soon after. and the 3DS hasn't been 'announced' by nintendo as-such, it's more that it has been 'planned'

but go for the DSi, anyway..
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I can understand why people would want an XL... its like getting a bigger TV to watch stuff on... reviewers have said they think most games look better on it and the viewing angles are improved so people can watch as you play - for families and such...

I just don't care enough to pay that stupid premium and have a system thats less portable.....
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I agree with you. While your post was 4 years ago today, I don't think I would get the XL just because it's bigger. I'll keep my DSi for as long as possible. Even though the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS is very tempting...
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