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September 16th 2009 12:50 am

Is it worth getting?

I was into the GP2X scene a few years ago. I got the first one and another version of it also (a white one that had four separate buttons in a cross shape on the left instead of a real d-pad control).

I ended up playing with each of them a bit, but they never grabbed me. I think I'd love to have a little gadget that allows me to play NES, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision and such era games wherever I go. But I found that I was having to fuss and fudge with it so much that I never really got around to much gaming.

Has the gaming community around these devices matured enough to make it worth diving back in? I'm a bit of a Linux hacker and am not too shy about setting up emulators (I have a MAME cabinet). So a learning curve isn't too much of a hurdle.

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If you have that stuff and do those things what will this web site be able to tell you?

Get the toy. Play, and be joyful.
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I just ordered one and it is in transit.

So get one if you haven't already.
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What are your impressions? I'd really love to have a portable device that can emulate old NES, Genesis, and most especially SNES games. Is this the best device for doing that or are there others out there that are better?
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well, there are many game emulators that you can use to play old time games. This link will lead you to a site that may have what you are looking for.

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I've been really interested in all of the emulators that are available on the Android market but trying to actually play the games on my Nexus One has become quite the challenge and would love to actually have physical buttons to press. What're your thoughts on the GP2X, having had it for more than a few months now?
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I don't actually have this version (the WIZ), but I have 2 or 3 other, older ones. I haven't played with any of them in years now. I'm definitely a casual gamer, and nearly all of my game play is on my ipod touch and the wii. I enjoy older games (I also built a MAME cab) and the GP2X seems like such a great idea. But the execution of the older ones seemed lacking. Specifically, I couldn't understand their reluctance to just put a real d-pad on the older models. The WIZ has that, so maybe that part of it is better.

I think that I get overly involved in setup issues with the GP2X and don't end up spending much time playing the games. If it had something akin to apple's app store, I think it would have a better time getting users. It was still a bit of a wild-west kind of environment when I was using the older GP2Xs.
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