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July 10th 2009 8:40 pm

Is it worth it to install a different ROM on my G1?

I keep gearing about all of the different ROMs available for the G1. Some of them seem to be minor changes, others are heavy changes based on new UI's (like HTC's Sense or Rachael's UI). My question is, should I bother with any of these? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Are there any specific ROMs that are "best" to try out?


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I am running the CyanogenMod ROM, from what I can tell it is faster than the stock 1.5 ROM and it does Apps2SD by default out of the box if you have formatted your SD card with two partitions, one FAT32 and one ext2. I am liking it it so far.

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Cyanogen's(which is the one i am using) doesn't give you the fancy animations like the HEro or Racheal, buts it faster, better battery life and with a handful of themes, you can custimize it.
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Yes it is definitely worth taking the time to root your phone and flash some roms. Cyanogen's is one you can't go wrong with or try one of the Rogers roms, which should be really fast, stable and the modified dialer is much better than the stock dialer.:) Don't get overwhelmed just follow directions carefully and do it. It's not that hard.
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