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January 25th 2013 4:47 am

"Is Microsoft's Surface with Windows 8 Pro worth $899?"

"Is the Surface Pro worth over $1,000?"

"surface value: Is Microsoft's Surface with Windows 8 Pro worth $899?"

I always knew gdgt was a den of Apple-lovers and that's fine, it's abundantly clear where the bias stands, but really - there's loving, and there's full Mactard. Can it.

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It's not really worth it. If You have money to burn, sure go ahead. But you'll get a better deal with a good $800-900 ultrabook or an Ideapad Yoga 13 with slightly better specs & its the same price.

Honestly I'll recommend anything over an RT machine.

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The Ideapad Yoga is a nice laptop but it is bulky when compared to the Surface Pro.
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I know that. I was making an off topic jab at RT. (With the last sentence)
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Sorry, after I posted it, I realized what you meant. I edited my comment
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I would agree with bulls96. It's a laptop (in a tablet form factor) so, really it should be compared against other laptops/notebooks not tablets.
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The Surface Pro at 1st glance to me does not seem to be worth the $899.

you can find comparable Windows 8 Pro machines for less. I mean comparable in that they are 3rd generation i5 processors, 4GB of RAM, have touch screens and at least 64GB of HD space. And yes you will also find them for more.

So it could be said that MS priced it right in the middle of these types of machines. Oh, and don’t forget to add another $120 or $130 if you want covers with the keyboards (touch or type). that brings be base Surface Pro model up to $1019 with the $ 120 touch cover.

I admit that I have not seen the device yet so I am not 100% sure yet of my opinion of the device. I did own the Surface RT and returned it because it just didn’t fully meet my needs for a windows machine.

My hope is that once i see the Surface Pro and I can hold it and play with it I will change my mind. But I would be looking at the 128 GB model of the Pro not the 64GB. the Surface I want would cost me about $1,130 assuming the 128GB pro will sell for about $1000 and i would also get the Type Cover for another $130.

you can get some good laptops for the $1,130 i would pay for the Surface Pro.

Now lets say you consider the Surface line to be more like a tablet then do you really need a tablet that has the horse power of the Surface Pro and its price tag?
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Think of it as a SUPER light and thin laptop with a touchscreen and yes, it's worth it. The i5 is a strong proc. I have one in my current laptop and love it.
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This product will make the Surface RT look like a raging success. Microsoft just doesn't get modern computing.
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to me it is. I would never own a fruit machine.
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"I would never own a fruit machine".

I can't see me buying anything, not made by Apple.
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