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June 18th 2011 1:37 am

Is the cloud a ploy to get you to buy more devices?

I've been giving iCloud some thought lately and I realized something about the whole concept of having the cloud push content down to your devices. Are companies like Apple simply trying to make you buy more of their devices and get deeper into their ecosystem (aside from the obvious benefits of storing data in the cloud)?

What I mean is, there was a point where it seemed as if everything was on one device that you carried around and all you really needed was that device (ex. iPhone). Most people didn't sync the device after initial activation and just continued to use it without other aspects of the ecosystem (ex. computer). With Apple's new approach with iCloud, they're marketing that you'll do one thing on a device and get it on all the rest of your devices. Will people then think that they should get the other devices to take advantage of the feature/ecosystem?

This is a bit of a conspiracy theory but it does make some sense to me...

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I think iCloud is an attempt to make it more convenient to have more devices, sure. Especially if one of them isn't a computer. Allowing users to back up to the cloud and get their music and apps across devices automagically is great! The convenience and magic-ness of it may indeed entice first timers to purchase more Apple devices when the time comes for new stuff, so yes, I guess they are trying to get people to buy new stuff in a round about way. :P
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I think that it'll make buying more devices easier because you won't have to sync over and over and over again. Personally, I don't think it's just a ploy to get more devices sold.
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Personally, I don't feel compelled out of nowhere to up and buy more iOS devices.

For example, the Apple TV isn't really my cup of tea yet, but assuming it gets more features in the future it would be up for consideration if I think about buying a set-top box, primarily because it has automatic iOS features like the AirPlay stuff. So the cloud doesn't make me want to spontaneously buy more iOS devices, but when the time comes to consider bringing a new device into the world, iOS is becoming a more valuable option for those of us who have already bought into the Apple way.
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Since there is no web interface to iCloud, you do have to remember that Apple is a hardware company, not a web company. iCloud is another reason to stay within the Apple ecosystem, when you consider purchasing your next device, all things being equal (which they aren't!) iCloud integration may help you make your decision.

Not a conspiracy theory, just a good business move.
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There is a web interface to iCloud...
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not really , well not yet , but it is coming and will essentially be rebranding mobile me into a free service
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At the same time, they are making it now so that devices don't need to be synced to a computer to operate, so that would discourage a need for multiple devices. Interesting theory, though.
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Well this is sort of the image I had in my mind...
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Sure, but.. I'm not going to go out and buy a bunch more devices just for the sake of making rampant copies of digital stuff. To what end? If I've already got the devices I need, then that's that. This iCloud business just makes it simpler for me to use what I've got.
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As I point out in my nostalgic ode to the Psion Revo, which I will be posting today, gone are the days when companies built gadgets to be solutions to specific problems. Now, they design their gadgets to be just flashy enough to get people to buy so that they will get dragged into an ad platform or content ecosystem dependency. So, yes, Apple is guilty of this, as is every other manufacturer at this time.
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i disagree as apple doesnt push ads in your face all over the platform they do offer a platform for people who wish to release inexpensive / free apps a way to monetize their apps as far as flashyness goes flashy = polished and polished provides and better user experience imo i prefer ios over android as it has a simpler interface and i prefer windows 7 over mac osx as it has better compatibility for programs and has a polished interface
i am not a fan boy of any system i just use what works for me and use what i like
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