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February 27th 2010 4:03 am

Is the Fuji 3d camera worthy?

I'm going to add at least one new cam to my collection in the very near future. Looking for something different. I could get a Hero HD for my surfing, biking and general superwide goodness. The new Casio "high-speed" Exilim EX-FH100 has also caught my eye. Then, there's the 3D cam from Fuji! The 3D is $600. I could buy both of the other cams for this much. That's also a lot to spend for photos which seem hard to display and a camera that may not have a future. What to do? Thanks for the feedback.

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I'vebeen involved with 3D photography since the 1980's starting with the Nimslo camera. This is by far the collest thing that has happened to 3D cameras in more than 20 years!
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I publish a weekly newspaper on Maui called Mauitime. We're planning a special 3D edition next month. We purchased the Fuji 3D W1 for this project and so far we love it. A very cool and modern device that is easy to use and takes good pictures. We've added an external strobe flash (Canon HF-DC1) which improves many flash situations.

With Nintendo's 3DS announcement at last week's E3 Con, 3D has just went VERY mainstream. The Fuji is currently the only easy option for digital 3D (excluding Nintendo's 3DS) photography. The only other options are modding two separate point and shoot cameras together after a firmware flash. This camera is a total blast!
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