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June 19th 2012 4:12 pm

Is the Samsung Galaxy III or the Motorola Razr Maxx the better Verizon Android phone?

I'm finally ready to jump ship and move to Android, after several Blackberries. Our company account is with Verizon, so I'm only interested in their devices. What do you think, is the Galaxy S III such a superior device that its subpar battery life(in early reviews) is worth the sacrifice?

I want to get a device that will last the full 2 years without any regrets. Interested in opinions from current RAZR MAXX users especially.

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We're putting up our score tomorrow so hopefully that will help you with your decision!
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I have also been considering those two phones but for a different reason (my current Verizon Android phone is barely usable since it crashes all the time and is very laggy when it is running).

I am waiting to see the Galaxy S III first hand. My main concern would be its size (how pocketable is it). I have seen the Note in person and that screen at around 5" looks huge and 4.8" is not that far off. Since I am still under contract for the Droid Charge, I would have to pay full price $600 to get the Galaxy SIII but I would need to do that anyway to keep my unlimited data plan. I think the Maxx would actually cost $50 more.

My Droid Charge with only a 4.3" screen already feels too big but part of that is how thick it is. The Maxx also has a 4.3" screen but a bit thinner so would be an improvement. Like I said, I will need to see the S III in person to determine if it is better or worse than the Droid Charge in terms of size.

The battery life for the Maxx is its main selling point as you mention. Since I have been using a Droid Charge, I don't think the Galaxy S III could be any worse and I can usually barely make it through a full day with moderate use (stock Gingerbread).

Touchwiz is terrible on the Droid Charge but is much more usable on even the Galaxy S II that I have recently gotten a chance to use. At this point, I think it is probably better than the skin on the Maxx.

Since Google now owns Motorola, hopefully that would mean that they would keep their phones updated with the latest version of Android but the Maxx is already behind in that regard so that may apply to future Motorola phones rather than the ones developed prior to the Google acquisition closing. I know some people are hoping for an unskinned option for Motorola phones in the future.
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