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July 10th 2012 11:50 am

Is there a Blackberry in your future (or anybody's)?

It may not be a huge surprise, given the company's fortune in recent years, but at today's annual meeting, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins talked about how the company will continue to be streamlined, focusing on a smaller universe of BlackBerry models. Meanwhile, BlackBerry 10 won't be out until January at the earliest. What does the future hold for the former smartphone king? And would you consider buying a BlackBerry?

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I agree with some of the other comments about the function of the BB Qwerty keyboard, I prefer it over a touch screen any day for typing emails on but with this qwerty keyboard you lose those amazing large screens unless you make it a combo slider unit but those have been not so user friendly and unbalanced in my usage.

My first smartphone was a BB I loved it until i wanted to start using the browser, yep it sucked, or download apps, wait it had limited storage and finally came the software update I did for a specific feature which slowed the whole device down. But did I love the whole experience, Yep I sure did.

I moved on to a used iPhone 3G tried it as a phone, did not like it, now use it as a media player.

Now I am comfortably sitting with an early model HTC android based phone. I love it with one exception, I long for that QWERTY keyboard when I need to reply to an email.

My idea for RIM was to scrap BB OS, go the android route, make a version and tweak it like motorola, htc, samsung, etc.. Roll the BB Messenger service out as an app to provide for secure messaging that has further reach and a larger revenue stream. As far as devices go a new design could be a full touch screen on one side with a smaller lower res screen and Qwerty board on the other. Best of both worlds.

Just some ramblings, What do you think?
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Is there a "what" in my future? You are kidding...right?
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Yes, there's a Blackberry in my future, but only because I use a company-issued phone.

In all honesty, our company's reliance on Blackberry, solely, is making me consider carrying a personal phone again, just to have access to the Android experience I'm used to on a tablet.

Personally, I'm rooting for RIM's failure, as it might be the only way my company goes to something else.
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that is a bit unfair. if your company wanted to go to something else and keep administration features, RIM made BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for this reason. control over android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices in a unified interface.


Perhaps your company could use something like that, unless they are still running Windows XP- that is a sign of a company not willing to evolve
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I didn't mean that they don't have options, we do. We've invested in the BES, and there is a perceived need to use it, even though we can accomplish the same tasks without it now.

I'm not clear why the choice of desktop software matters? Anyone I know running XP is doing so because of proprietary or highly customized applications.
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I'll give BB10 a chance when it's released. Don't really care for a physical keyboard. Friends and colleagues switched from BB to Iphone or the Galaxy, do they miss the keyboard? NO!
I feel after my parents generation, much less people will have need of a physical keyboard. Even toddlers now are always playing with their parents iphones and ipads. When they grow up, physical keyboard will be few to none.
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I think that these days, the small screens on blackberry devices are just too small. If they took Palm's approach at the Pre and changed it to a slide keyboard and made the phone bigger it would be more convincing.
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The BlackBerry Torch does exactly that. Slide-out keyboard with a large touch screen.
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Sure, I'll admit that Blackberry 10 looks pretty cool, but I still wouldn't consider one any time soon. The lack of apps is huge, and the fact that there isn't a content marketplace with Movies, Music, TV, and other multimedia like iOS, Android, and WP7 makes the Blackberry completely useless to me. And it's not like RIM is the only smartphone manufacturer that has physical keyboards; I've owned a Torch, and frankly, compared to my Sidekick 4G, it has a pretty bad keyboard. Android phones have great keyboards these days, and adding the fact that both iOS and Android have arguably the most robust content marketplaces in the business (Google Play and iTunes/Appstore), Blackberry really doesn't look that attractive to me, and won't anytime soon.
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I am probably the largest BlackBerry/RIM defender on this site. I have owned many and currently use a 9790, which is on OS 7.1 and I like it a lot.

I will never count them out until they file for bankruptcy, but I have lost my faith. Being an Ex-RIM employee I saw things in both the boom and bust of RIM. I really could write you a 20 page paper on everything I experienced but I choose not to turn this thread into that.

I think OS10 is exciting, and still may cater to my needs as a user, but the trick is they need to cater to everyone's needs.

If I am in the need for a phone when they are finally out I will for sure consider one, but not many people will give it that chance I fear.
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could you please write a new post with a 20 page paper on everything you experienced? ;-) that would be incredibly interesting.
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Perhaps later in the future. I would rather have an intelligent conversation with someone rather than spewing out a bunch of my opinions and viewpoints in one post.

But I'll leave you with this... only a few jobs in the world let you meet the Queen of England.

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i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my 9930 it is the best phone on the market right now it does everything you need it to do perfectly... and gets stellar battery life at the same time
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I still think it's impossible to beat a BlackBerry physical QWERTY keyboard. I find it extremely useful for work emails on the go. Beyond that basic function, I have no use for a RIM device. However much I like the look of BB10, I can't imagine swapping my iPhone for it. The lack of quality apps means that the platform is 4th behind iOS, Android and even Windows Phone when it comes to offering great content.
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