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November 20th 2009 4:41 pm

Is there anything we can confirm about this phone?

I'm getting confused here. What is the name of this device? What is it going to run? Who's going to get it?

HTC Dragon — does that refer to the processor?
HTC Passion — is this the code name, like Desire became Eris? (Desire reversed is ERISed)
HTC Psion — I've heard this name as the real name, as in Droid Psion (Passion to Psion, get it?) I've only seen this written once,and I'm positive no one can sell a phone that's called Passion.

If HTC is that close to really releasing 2.0 with SenseUI, wouldn't they have delayed the Eris by a month? Why ship something with older software, then release it a month later? Or will the Eris not get the update? That would make a lot of Eris owners pretty ticked off.

We're pretty sure it's coming to Verizon. But does anyone have a screen grab of the inventory, like they did for the Eris? I'd love to make sure this going to happen.

I'm super excited for this phone, but I'm going nuts waiting and want to make sure this killer handset is actually not just a dream I had. Anyone got info?

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I emailed VZW Support and I asked the question when will the Passion/Dragon available.
I got a response that the guy didn't know when the Dragon would be available. He said they at support get an e-mail a week before release and he didn't have it yet.

So sounds like the Droid Dragon on VZW is going to happen.
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I don't really think it sounds like the rep you talked to knew any more than you did.
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