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March 27th 2012 2:05 am

is this going to be worth waiting for? Should I buy the 1st prime if I'm in the market for a tablet right now, or wait for this one to come out?

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There is no mystery about this tablet, it is basically the TF200 with a 1080p screen.

You need to evaluate how much a screen means to you. If it is a lot, the its probably a good idea to wait (or maybe even look at the new iPad)

There are a few exciting android devices in the horizon. The TF700T, the Memo Pad 370T and others. Tablet prices are always being readjusted as new ones come out.

My advice is wait until the last possible moment before you need one to buy. Then you will be getting the latest technology at the best price.
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Thanks for the info. I did buy the TF201 and so far am loving the device. I am just looking forward to the gumdrop case for the TF201 so that I don't feel like I'm going to break it all the time.
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