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November 18th 2013 1:34 pm

Is yours shipping yet?

My shipping status hasn't changed since the day orders went live. (128GB WiF+Cellular) Do you have one yet? Has your shipping status updated?

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I ordered mine Nov 12 ~5:00 AM ET when they went on sale (I beat TUAW's coverage of the "launch"!). I received shipment notification just two days later on Nov 14. After a long 4 days, my iPad Mini w/ Retina arrived today via UPS!
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My fiancée just received her shipping notice for her retina iPad mini (32GB, white, T-Mobile), however it still isn't slated to arrive until November 25th.

Last week, I noticed that the model I had ordered online was available in a local Apple Store (black, 64GB, T-Mobile). Since I hadn't received the shipping notification yet, I canceled my order and just bought it directly from the store. Much to many folks' jealously, I've been using it all weekend. ;)
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Mine is somewhere in China, waiting to be constructed.
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I gave up. :(

I ended up grabbing mine from a local Apple Store and cancelling my pre-order.
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