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June 6th 2014 1:59 pm

It's Tetris' 30th Birthday. What are some of your memories?

Tetris just hit a milestone and joined the "30" club. It's not a bad place to be, I begrudgingly joined it myself a few weeks ago. But enough about age and our progression towards receiving those tasteful AARP cards in the mail, let's talk blocks.

As Daniel Cooper reported today (www.engadget.com­/2014­/06­/06­/happy­-30th­-birthday­-te...), the relatively simple (but also challenging) game was born out of Moscow by Alexey Pajitnov while he worked at the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The game would go on to sell 33 million copies on the Game Boy alone.

I played Tetris when I was really young, sometimes for hours on end. I openly suffer from OCD and at the time, this game sort of acted as therapy for that. There was something satisfying about getting the blocks lined up in just the right direction, almost as if I was building a wall. But of course, I'd get frustrated if I messed up, even if there were plenty of lines to go. I'd just end the game prematurely and start over until I got it perfect.

So now that I've shared, it's your turn to tell our community what your memories are with the game.

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I never had a gameboy so my Tetris play was fairly limited, but I always did enjoy playing it on any device it ended up being ported over too. I recall playing it a lot on TI graphing calculators in high school.

I am also very happy and grateful for all the clones is spawned, like Super Puzzle Fighter.
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I spent so much time playing this in the back of class on my TI-82! Hah.

I still get the Tetris Effect (seeing falling blocks when my eyes close) if I've been playing it for awhile.
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To this day, I still watch in amazement as my wife and/or her sister start a Tetris round at level 19 (NES) and breeze through for a long, damn while. My wife also recently had thumb surgery to relieve pain. Probably unrelated...
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As amazing as the gameplay was, it had nothing on the epic soundtrack of the game. My fondest memory:
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I remember playing it on my mom's black and white screen until the battery gave up. It would get really infuriating if the blocks lined up high enough for me to lose. my sister would get really mad if I didn't let her play. good days. :)
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