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September 17th 2009 3:32 pm

It will always be with us...

XP is going to stick around for a good long time.

Even after you've installed Windows 7 and forgotten about Vista, you'll still be tripping over PCs that for one reason or another will be locked into that version of Windows.

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I heard it should be like a virtual machine type deal on Windows 7. So that Windows 7 can work on any network, and programs that have compatibility problems can run virtually on XP.
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The weird thing is the requirements needed to run in XP mode on Windows 7. You need a good spec bump to run XP mode when running XP doesn't require anywhere near that!!

all my machines are XP right now and I don't know if that will change any time soon....
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the reason for the spec bump is that you need to have the minimum specs to run windows 7 plus enough resources to dedicate to xp in essentially a virtual machine.
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I understand that, but it is a lot of specs when added up when just running XP uses so little... It still seems like they could do this better...
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Simple.... develop something like boot camp, and give everyone with the versions of seven elligible for free virtual machines a free xp license to dual boot with. They shouldn't bundle (otherwise average joe wouldn't switch to the new os). I'd like that a whole lot more than having the hassle of a virtual machine : )
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i have used vista since its release date and windows 7 since it was released in public beta. i haven't needed xp for any reason at all since then. there is no reason for it. vista was compatible with thousands more devices, windows 7 adds even more devices to that base.

i dont see where or why id be tripping over xp pcs. doesnt really make sense.
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in world focused on being cost effective ATM.. it doesn't make sense to NOT UPGRADE? it doesn't make sense to run what works? are you upgrading your car every year or two because the newer ones have some new features and are shinier - even if the one you have works fine? how does saving money not make sense?

and to be fair, I have had more problems with Win7 RC than Windows XP (I have mentioned this before on Microsoft and Win7 discussions..)
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