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October 13th 2011 11:29 pm

iTunes WiFi Sync

I have iTunes WiFi Sync set up and it works great. However, why do I have to manually start the sync every time I plug in my iPhone? Why isn't there a setting to have it automatically start syncing when I plug in my phone to charge. For instance, I charge my iPhone every night before I go to bed. I would like to just plug it in, go to sleep, and know that all of my podcasts are up-to-date without having to do anything. Any suggestions?

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Patrick as far as I know once your phone is connected to your WiFi network and is plugged into power it starts to sync. I'm not sure if you have checked the 2nd check box on your iPhone summary screen in iTunes, this is a prerequisite to enable sync as it tell iTunes to look for the iPhone on the network. Hope this helps
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That box is checked. I can successfully sync but I have to dig into settings on my iphone to initiate the sync. It should just do it automatically once I plug the charger into my iphone.
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Plug it in and let it rip
You do not need to manually start the sync although you do have that option. Just plug it in. Do make sure you have updated iTunes and the wireless sync box is checked on the device information page in iTunes as indicated by Jedi.
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