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November 1st 2012 11:29 pm

Jellybean 4.2

What do you think about android Jellybean 4.2. What are some of your favorite features or improvements?

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i think it looks to be a good upgrade to the JB and looking forward to seeing it on some devices and also wondering i will ever see it on my Galaxy Nexus.

What i like:
  • Expandable, actionable notifications.
  • Updates to Google Now
Oddly enough thats it. the new Photo Sphere sounds interesting but not something I am likely to use. The user accounts i like but again not something i will use as i don't have to share my tablets with others and for the new keyboard addition to swipe again for me not something i would use. i find that i use voice commands and dictation when reply to things like text messages.

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I am kind of excited for "daydream mode"

That is exactly the kind of thing I want activated when I connect the phone to a wireless charging source. It sounds stupid to 99% of people, but I like it

I also like better notifications. Always will
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Keyboard, looks a little nicer than Swype, most the other stuff seems phone specific.
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