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March 11th 2014 3:49 pm

Join the Engadget NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool

Hey Folks!

For those of us who follow college basketball here in the states, March is a great time. This year, we're going to have an Engadget Bracket Pool over at Yahoo. Why Yahoo? Well, any site we pick will likely require a good number of you to register, and Yahoo has a stellar Fantasy Sports experience. You can go ahead and register now, but the brackets won't be editable until after the selection show this weekend.

Scoring is as follows for correct picks:
Round of 64: 1 pt.
Round 32: 2 pts.
Sweet 16: 3 pts.
Elite 8: 4 pts.
Final Four: 5 pts.
Championship: 6 pts.

Each correct upset pick earns 1 bonus point.

Join us!

This is a public league, so you don't need a password, etc.

Also, it's just for fun and completely free. Unfortunately, no one will win $1 million. But you will win all the bragging rights for next year.

Picks must be in before the first games start on Thursday, March 20.

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