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March 2nd 2011 4:15 pm

Just got a color nook (50$ off!)...and about to root. any advice? honeycomb not?

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Don't go honeycomb, it's only been built from the SDK so it's very limited.

The general consensus from forums is to run Stock Root ie just a plain rooted Nook. Leave the honeycomb/froyo stuff to the SD only.
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install cyangonmod 7. thats what im using. works great. just got netflix working on it yesterday.
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I'm running the second version of the Honeycomb build from the internal eMMC and other than an inability to install Twitter apps (there's some library missing), it's completely usable. Even apps like Angry Birds seem to work fine on it - though you can see a modest amount of upscaling.

One tip to get the market working: force stop and clear the cache and data from the market and the framework service and reboot.

It's pretty fast, and I've not had a crash yet.

But yes, it will get better once the AOSP drop happens. In the meantime, though, it's replaced my iPad for my couchsurfing.

Edit - one annoying glitch: while the accelerometer works and the screen turns, there's either a glitch in the repositioning code or a problem with the exact resolution, because the stuff on the screen ends up moving to a really weird place. It can in some cases actually end up "off screen". So position stuff in the center left (portrait) or center top (landscape) and it works. Or use Launcherpro. Otherwise, totally usable, and dare I say - more responsive than my stock Gingerbreaded Nexus One.
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Thanks for clarifying further. I should have said "Honeycomb works but I'd wait for an official source and not the SDK".

Do you know if it's any better at identifying it's a tablet in the market? Last time I tried the market didn't recognize I was on a tablet and didn't show the SI app for tablets.
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Howd you get it $50 off?
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I've got Cyanomod 7. Add-on Netflix, PlayOn (if you have the program), and Tweetdeck, and most of my entertainment options can be had anywhere in the house. Don't forget the Amazon app store app for free daily apps (you'll need to sideload it).
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