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October 15th 2009 5:41 pm

Just got these!

Ordered these from Amazon yesterday, showed up on my door today! Looking forward to testing them out with a good Call of Duty 4 session this weekend.

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The $199.95 price tag is rough.
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I know, definitely felt like I'd splurged.
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Now we know why the headset category went up. ;)
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Ha, I think it's the other way around. Peter saw the category go up so he finally knew it was time.
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I got the same pair 2 weeks ago. I have to say: not bad considering they are wireless. COD4 is a great test platform for them; the surround sound is amazing. I tested them on Halo 3 and GOW 2 as well, but COD4 really showed off their capabilities the best.
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Oh man. I just had to read your comment, right as Modern Warfare 2 is around the corner...
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Let us know how you like em. I've been thinking about getting the Tritton AXPro's - I've heard good things.
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Asking for this for christmas. It'd be nice to have something like this for certain.
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