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January 14th 2010 5:43 am

Just turned off my iPhone 3GS for good!

Got caught up in the new gadget news about the Google phone and decided to buy the subsidized version. I would not have unless I knew I had 14 days to decide between my iPhone 3GS and the Nexus.

I've been a power user of the iPhone since they came out, don't play games on the device, but use most of the day to manage customer calls, sending proposals and answering support questions. I do over 5gb a month in data on my iPhone so usage is high.

Since I use all of the Google services, corporate APPS, calendars, invites to meetings, Picassa, Google voice and more I'm sure I just wanted a device to help me manage customer service in a more professional way while on the run.

I can tell you that many people (customers) have reported that I am much clearer sounding too... this is really nice to hear because even when you are out and about the client can hear me clearly and that is better service.

This phone is just fantastic and won't be going back to the iPhone. Don't get me wrong the iPhone is terrific, but as a Google Apps power user this phone is a dream. I only miss one app from the iPhone, but all others were in the marketplace that I needed... Amazon, FlyCast, AP, Timer, Domain Search, etc... and certainly all the Google apps that are not on the iPhone were there too so I was in heaven.

My service here is MUCH better than AT&T and is much quicker on 2g and WIFI too... the taptic feedback with the keyboard allows me to type much faster then on the iPhone... honestly the keyboard for me is much better too.

I highly suggest this phone and think most iPhone users who are POWER GOOGLE users will truly like this device.

The screen in the sun next to my iPhone was almost the same visibility. In fact it seemed that the Nexus was even a bit clearer??

My 2 Cents.

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Hello Richard. i recently lost my iphone and i'm dictating this from my nexus right now. The nexus seems more like a computer whereas the iphone seems more like a phone. At first i wasn't sure about it partly due to bad reviews and was planing returning the nexus until i finally gave it a shot and got use to it. Im similar to you in that i don't have a ton of apps. I primarily use it for checking email and connecting with social media sites such as twitter, etc. The really useful thing for me is the dictation. What do you use for email with gmail icon for the email icon? I notice slight differences in the way each handles email. This might come as a shock that i am still using at&t instead of t mobile. I simply slipped SIM card into the nexus and it worked. Odd, I know. Anyways i really do love it and agree with much of your post. Enjoy and keep us all informed.
Best, Ryan
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I would say you actually have that backwards Ryan. The iPhone is more like an application/gaming device whereas the Nexus One (or any other Android device for that matter) is more of a phone plus many other things. Also, don't forget that AT&T is terrible, so the phone aspect of the iPhone is just terrible. :)
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I use the default gMail icon or the notification bar from the top and choose the new email notification. I have not gotten used to the dictation for gmail, but tested and told my self to get used to it.

The keyboard is so good that the dictation not so important to me right now.
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I appreciate your point-of-view, but from what I can see is that Nexus runs much more like a computer than my iPhone ever did. You can really tell that it's open through the USB connection and the marketplace. Both designed to be open so we can look forward to all types of solutions, not just what APPLE says OK to!

Also copy all of my music to a card then drop into the phone vs. going through iTunes is fantastic. To me that in itself is much more like a computer.

I would say that my kid will miss my iPhone so he'll have to use an iPod touch. To him it's a gaming "computer"... I bet once I try gaming on the Nexus that experience will be great too.
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